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The Great Energy Reset

Help your people to optimise their energy and enhance their physical and mental health.

Create a culture of health 

It's been a tough few years. While we appear to have moved through the pandemic, the political, economic, and social uncertainty, and complexity continue to keep people under pressure.

It is no wonder that employee engagement is low and that people are struggling with stress,  fatigue, and mental health challenges.  


The Great Energy Reset is an experiential solution designed to help

  • Boost employee moral and engagement  

  • Energise the workforce and strengthen people's mental health and resilience 

  • Foster a sense of community and establish a culture of health within the organisation

What to expect

The ‘Great Energy Reset’ is a three-part program, led by functional-medicine-trained nutritional therapist, Hayley Pedrick.


It is designed to engage people in making healthier dietary and lifestyle choices to optimise their energy levels, improve stress handling and support mental health and resilience.

Each session progressively expands people's knowledge and competencies through self-reflection, peer-led discussion, group exercises, and Q&A time. 


The ‘Great Energy Reset’ is for organisations that want to

  • Energise their people

  • Provide practical training that supports physical and mental health

  • Engage their employees and develop a sense of community and a culture of health 

  • Reduce sickness absence and insurance health claims

  • Mitigate stress and burnout risk

Session One: Reboot

How to reset your human to support better metabolic balance

60 minutes

How to enhance energy, reduce stress and mitigate burnout risk

45 minutes

Session TwoRecharge

Session ThreeSustain

How to maintain it all to support mental and physcial health 

45 minutes

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