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  • Hayley Pedrick

It's Time Companys Put Wellbeing Into Action

The needs of the workforce are evolving. So too should companys approach to designing the policies, programs, and benefits intended to support their people’s wellbeing.

Over the past decade, we’ve seen wellbeing workshops move away from attempting to inspire and motivate behavioral change. There has been a growing focus on ensuring that workshops provide practical tools and develop participants' skills so that they are able to take their first steps toward better mental and physical health.

But is it enough? What else can be done to encourage and sustain positive behavioural change?

The answer lies in creating group experiences.

Learning levels up when people move from a state of intellectual knowing to understanding through personal, felt experiences. Embodied knowing is self-motivating. It drives continued action on an individual level.

When businesses add a group dynamic and continuity to the learning experiences they provide, they begin to develop a community that prioritizes wellbeing and the energy and vigor it brings to people’s lives. In today's fragmented, hybrid working world, the power of bringing people together should not be underestimated.

The community supports ongoing action over time. This helps to rewire the brain and embeds change - making it more likely that greater numbers of people will stick with the healthy habits they were trying to establish.

Experiential learning is the natural next step in the evolution of workforce wellbeing, helping organizations:

  • Improve employee engagement and loyalty

  • Reduce sickness absence and insurance claims

  • Energise the workforce

  • Strengthen mental health and resilience in people

  • Create a culture of health

As always, Habitude is ahead of the curve.

Our Great Energy Reset program is a pioneering 3 workshop series, designed to enhance energy, reduce stress, and elevate the physical and mental health of your workforce. Led by functional medicine-trained nutritional therapist, Hayley Pedrick, the program is perfect for organisations that:

  • Are serious about actively supporting their people’s physical and mental health, energy and resilience

  • Want to help their workforce create systems for living that enable people to sustain results

  • Are ready to level up with a fresh approach to wellbeing

Join us and put wellbeing into action.

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