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Habitude London. Nutrition, executive coaching and organisational resilience.
Habitude London. Nutrition specialist. Executive coach. Organisational resilience

Creating a culture of health

Hayley Pedrick, Habitude

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We combine organisational psychology with the science of lifestyle medicine, providing integrated training, which works to prevent burnout and build resilience in your people.


Our focus is to help you create a culture of health and effect positive behavioural change from the employee through to the C-suite leadership level.

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Join our next wellbeing workshop

We run monthly workshops on Health & Wellbeing. The next workshop in August is "Recharge your batteries". For more information please get in touch.

Helping Leaders Create High-Performance Teams

Our programme uses a neuroscience-led approach to empower leaders, helping them build the personal competencies they need to create and sustain high performance in the face of ever-increasing pressure and rapid change. Bespoke training created on request.

‘Christian and Hayley’s leadership training combines powerful neuroscience and psychological insight with practical tools, ensuring our leaders felt well-equipped to support their teams mental health through the coming months of hybrid working and anticipated return to work.’

Camilla D, HR Advisor

Helping Leaders Create High-Performance Teams. Habitude
Helping Leaders Create High-Performance Teams

Well People Power Healthy Business

Healthy, productive people form high-performing teams. High-performing teams accelerate business success. Our wellbeing series equips employees with the knowledge, tools and support to keep themselves physically and mentally fit for business. Bespoke workshops created on request.

Excited to have Hayley and Christian back again this year for our Well-being Series: Organisational Resilience! The feedback and open dialog that has already come out of the first few sessions is incredible to see." 


Catherine O, Global Benefits Specialist

Forensic Performance Coaching 

For leaders, who are seeking a science-led, personalised approach to sustaining peak performance under pressure. Hayley combines functional testing, heart rate variability monitoring and coaching to support leaders in creating and sustaining the levels of physical and mental agility and stamina they need to thrive at a high-performing level throughout the whole life-span of their career.

‘When I met Hayley I had been battling low energy for months. I felt as if I was on the brink of burnout, just when my career was really taking off and I couldn’t afford to take time out. We ran an in-depth nutritional analysis, identifying underlying deficiencies and imbalances and using the information to create a personalised nutrition plan. We also used heart rate variability monitoring to analyse my energy expenditure and renewal patterns. The data helped me improve my ability to contain stress and taught me how to enhance my recovery. Within weeks I could feel my energy turning around. I am now well-recovered and so much more aware of what drives, drains and sustains me.’


Kelly B.  CMO

Executive coaching. Hayley Pedrick. Habitude.

Work with us

Hayley Pedrick in media, TV and magazines.


With over a decade of clinical experience and consultancy roles at both the London Sleep Centre and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’s Assisted Conception Unit, Hayley is a sought-after media persona.

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Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like to know more about what we do.

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