Having suffered from a series of health issues (weight gain, fibroids, endometriosis, bloating and digestive issues) I decided to see a nutritionist as a last resort. I had an initial call with Hayley and she was really clear about how many times I’d need to see her and the approach she took. She was really thorough in her approach and gave lots of helpful suggestions about how I could amend my diet and exercise regime to support myself better. She’s really easy to talk to and was really committed to make sure that her suggestions were manageable within my lifestyle. Hayley never made me feel judged but really highlighted the all the benefits of changing certain habits. I like the fact she provides guidelines rather than prescriptive meal plans as it made it much easier to make the plan work for me.
— Claire B - Director of UK Operations
I simply have to start by saying : Hayley knows her stuff! My teen daughter presented with severe migraines seemingly out of nowhere which left us all reeling with the impact on all levels of her life and in turn ours. Every question I had was received with attention and empathy and the answer explained with care and in detail. Hayley showered us with information and options and within 3 months my daughter was migraine-free! Awareness is an incredible tool to hand someone and Hayley helped us as a family to see nutrition differently, to live in an awareness of what’s out there and what it brings to our bodies and minds - a massively positive addition to all our lives. I would highly recommend Habitude, along with Hayley’s personal touch to anyone and everyone..
— Anize B - Designer

I went to see Hayley after being diagnosed with PCOS. I received very little information from my GP on PCOS which was extremely frustrating as I was looking to start a family and all I associated with PCOS was infertility, which, I found overwhelming. My first consultation with Hayley was very reassuring, thorough and informative. Hayley went through a detailed plan of diet/supplements and lifestyle all which were very easy to follow and sustainable. Although there’s a lot of information out there on diet and supplements, working with Hayley meant I could focus on my very own action plan. Within a month of following her action plan which included changes to my diet/taking supplements/acupuncture and exercise, I had a natural period and my cycle went from 4 months to having 3 regular periods.
— - Arooj, S - Solicitor

My energy levels and general health were so poor for so long that they became “normal” for me. Though I had seen many doctors, I got no answers, and I began to fear I had a latent terminal condition. I felt the hopelessness of my position, but I came to see Hayley because of the success my husband had under Hayley’s care for his food sensitivities. And only Hayley managed to help me!

A blood test revealed a severe gluten intolerance that I never would have found — and had been the source of all sorts of seemingly unrelated but very worrying health issues.
— Melissa C - Journalist

I believe working with Hayley and Jessica has amplified my chances of being successful in my pursuit for healthier eating and a healthier lifestyle.

While Hayley advised on nutrition and the science behind good and bad eating habits, Jessica encouraged good habits through discussion, encouragement and empathetic understanding of my motivations and the barriers I faced. Topics came up in our weekly conversations that Jessica discussed with Hayley (always with my permission) allowing her to get a more detailed picture than my recollections during our monthly meetings would have permitted.
— Catherine M - Global Brand & Communications