A journey to empowering people to creating & sustaining positive change


Habitude is London’s leading lifestyle medicine clinic, focussing on the health, performance and wellbeing of talented professionals who want to get the most out of life.

Over the years we have seen many people struggle to make the necessary changes and apply them with the consistency needed to get results they desire. And we realised that often the problem was not with the person but rather with their approach. Too often motivation and willpower were the means people relied on to move themselves forward.

Habitude was born from a decade of experience in guiding and supporting people through what really works.

Our approach carefully applies our learnings in the fields of neuroscience and coaching with nutritional therapy, wearable technology and laboratory analysis so that we bring brain, body and behaviour into alignment and facilitate lasting change.

We help people improve fertility outcomes, enhance energy levels, build resilience in the face of stress and anxiety. We bring them back from the brink of burnout and we support them through career changes or promotions to pressurised senior roles.

We are all biohackers in our own rights, passionate about exploring new research and integrating our findings into our work so that we teach our people life-enhancing habits and behaviours which will enable them to thrive in the urban jungle.

In the clinic we work with individuals and couples. However we also work in the corporate space, coaching and caring for executives in high performance teams and delivering corporate wellbeing training programs in energy enhancement, mental health, brainpower optimisation and stress and anxiety management.

We hope you will chose us to help you create and sustain positive change, achieve the goals that matter to you and establish a life which allows you to thrive.

Warm wishes,

Hayley & the Team