In 2016/17 alone 12.5 million working days were lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety. Those who suffer often do so with profound and crippling effects on their lives.

A complex relationship exists between our bodies and minds. That’s why we’ve developed the Mind-Body Adaptability programme - an integrated coaching and functional medicine approach to holistically address the underlying drivers behind stress, depression and anxiety.

We use laboratory testing to understand the effects of stress and anxiety on your biochemistry and develop personalised dietary and supplementation protocols to calm and realign your nervous system from a physiological perspective. Unique to you, this approach enables you to address root causes and fast track your success.

Throughout the healing process our skilled coaches will guide you through proactive management of your mindset, helping you improve your adaptability as you integrate  the nutritional therapeutics in your daily life. Health coaching facilitates change in the perceptions and habits which shape the way you respond to stressors, empower you to manage your mental health over the long term.

Innovative and integrated this package is a powerful holistic way to effect and sustain real change in both mind and body. 


Our nutritional therapist will assess the most appropriate test to you during your free 20min consultation however, some of the most common tests used are:

  1. DUTCH Complete
    analyses s-urine and saliva to   gain insight into symptoms associated with  stress and adrenal function. It further includes three neurotransmitter metabolites which provide information on the production of serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline, providing a comprehensive and informative assessment of symptoms associated with stress and mood disorders.

  2. Neurobiogenic Amines Comprehensive from Doctors Data LLC
    uses urinary neuro-biogenic amines assess your ability to create and metabolise neurotransmitters, both in the body and, for some enzymes, behind the blood brain barrier as well.  Alterations in urinary neurotransmitter status have been well documented to provide valuable insights into mood/ behavioural disorders and may be particularly useful in developing clinical protocols to manage anxiety and depression.


Investment: £2,000

What you get:

Free 20min consultation with our nutritional therapist, determining which labs will be the most effective at identifying biochemical imbalances to facilitate fast and effective relief.

  • The most advanced laboratory testing according to your needs to inform and optimise your health protocol.

  • 3 consultations with our nutritional therapist providing you with:

    • Intelligent test interpretation

    • Personalised supplementation and dietary plan

    • Follow-up support to fine-tune your protocol at the appropriate point in your health journey

    • Final review to provide guidelines to help you maintain positive changes into the future.  

    • 7 weeks of coaching to support and embed the necessary dietary and mindset changes into your every day life, supporting you in your development of healthy habits, mindful awareness and mind-set management.

“While Hayley advised on nutrition and the science behind good and bad eating habits, Jessica encouraged the implementation of good habits through coaching, discussion, and empathetic understanding of my motivations and the barriers I faced. Topics came up in our weekly coaching conversations that Jessica discussed with Hayley (always with my permission) allowing Hayley to get a more detailed picture than what my recollections during our monthly meetings would have permitted.

‘This made my sessions with Hayley more effective. Equally, Hayley’s advice had a better chance of sticking with me, helped by subsequent sessions with Jessica, with repetition of key points and practical tips of how to incorporate it into my daily life. One might think that obtaining advice from two sources may lead to confusion but this was never the case. On the contrary Hayley and Jessica worked hand in hand to optimise my results. I’m eternally grateful to both and I could not recommend them enough.”

- Catherine M.